Priceza Meets The Expert Writers!


Still remembering the sharing from the winners about how difficult for them to finish their tasks in order to get their rewards on such an intense competition through the writings that will give you an inspirational yet useful guides and info.

I, myself, would like to give them two thumbs up for what they have done and completed!


What kind of competition was that?

In October 2016, Priceza had officially launched its first Writing Competition for all the writers that have a unique and qualified skill in writing. This competition could be joined by anyone even they have no blog! A totally welcoming competition with such an easy requirements!

Within two months, the participants should have finished their tasks to be nominated as the winner. They have their right to choose what kind of article’s theme that they will write such as “Update Info, Beauty, Lifestyle, Gadget, Health or even a Guide for Promotion theme”

There will be eight participants that will be nominated as the winners but unluckily only seven participants can make it happen!

As the leading technology company based in Thailand which has the most powerful and useful feature in comparing prices of all online products, Priceza finally granted the rewards to the winners named as below:

1. Annafi Kirana (Lifestyle Expert | Health Expert)

2. Bai Ruindra (Gadget Expert | Lifestyle Expert)

3. Fika Anaira (Lifestyle Expert)

4. Indah Kumalasari (Beauty Expert | Fashion Expert)

5. Nurul Rahma (Lifestyle Expert | Health Expert)

6. Juliawan Wijaya (Gadget Expert | Lifestyle Expert)

7. Yogi Krisna (Lifestyle Expert | Health Expert)


Each winners has their rights to redeem themselves for:

1. Round Trip Flights from their Hometown to Bangkok

2. Transit Hotel

3. Pocket Money THB 5,000

4. 3D2N Hotel at Bangkok

5. Transportation Allowance

6. Meals Allowance


What such a huge package was that!

Still, we have to remember well the phrase of

“No Pains, No Gains!”

Yes, it is true! and the seven winners had proved themselves that they could do it and they deserved for that!

Sometimes, we might be thinking that it is very easy to write 50 articles within two months, but the reality was super big NO! It was definitely not as easy as flipping the card game at casino.

It needed a super long process that would make them feel the real beats of the competition.

I am writing this content with one implicit reason in which I wish it could be shared to all of you that

“There Is Nothing Impossible In This World”

Just do it!! And redeem yourself for the rewards.

Since I was chosen to escort the winners at Bangkok-Thailand, so let’s check it out what we did at the #PricezaHoliday !!


Day #1 – 24 January 2017

The first day was started by having a lunch with CEO and Management,

then we went to Priceza Office,

let’s see who had the biggest smile after receiving the rewards!

then we straight forward to Caturday Cat Cafe near BTS Ratchathewi.

So many cats there!! I, personally, would like to say that It’s my favourite cafe!

After playing with the cats, we went to Wat Arun and Wat Po.

Oh yes, we would never forget this one, Chao Phraya Princess Cruise!

And we closed the trip by going to River Front Asiatique, the landmark of Bangkok City.


Day #2 – 25 January 2017

The second day was started by shopping at MBK.

Due to the winners are mostly women, so we had to spend our time longer here, then we were heading to SIAM and CENTRAL WORLD for Shopping again and to have our lunch.

After that, we were attending the Big Event of Priceza Award!

then we ended it up with free style pose!

We closed the trip for the second day by going to Paturnam Night Market.


Day #3- 26 January 2017

The third day was designed to go to the Grand Palace to see the fantastic “Thailand’s White House”

and we ended up to CENTRAL WORLD again to have our lunch!

Lastly we had to say good bye at DMK Airport!

What a short day trip!

Big thanks to Priceza for trusting me to escort this funny small group tour.

Am I a good Tour Guide??!!

See Ya !!

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17 thoughts on “Priceza Meets The Expert Writers!

  1. emang mantap. saya kemaren gak tekejar untuk ikutan kontesnya. Betul no pain no gain 😀 Selamat ya buat 7 orang beruntung dan sukses buat Priceza

    1. Hi Deddy Huang!
      Jika terkejar, mungkin kita berjumpa dan berbagi tawa dan canda!

      Your Diamonds Sincerely,

      1. Yeahhhh!!!
        Pokoknya Harus BISA yah Nurul Rahma

        Your Diamonds Sincerely,

    1. Hi Bai Ruindra
      Kamu tetap yang terkece!!

      Your Diamonds Sincerely,

  2. ah freddy guide yang baik kok 😀 selalu membuat kenyang dan sabar ketika kita jalannya lambat… Semoga saya beruntung di event Priceza berikutnya..

    1. Hi Fika !!
      Thank you.
      Sampai berjumpa lagi

      Your Diamonds Sincerely,

    1. Hi Suikalova !!
      Terima kasih atas sambutannya.
      Masih tetap harus belajar dengan para ahli…

      Your Diamonds Sincerely,

    1. Oh…
      You make me shy now! Nurul Rahma
      Can’t wait to see you again next trip!
      Will guarantee many HALAL foods for you.
      Sorry to let you eat the Breads and the Greens.
      My bad …
      At least, we enjoyed the last KFC though!

      Your Diamonds Sincerely,

    1. Hi Indah Kumala!!
      You did it better than me!
      I should learn more from you too.
      I wish we could meet again!
      Far Thy Well

      Your Diamonds Sincerely,


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