9 Things To Do On Valentine!



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Should I be naughty on this Valentine???

If you think “to make love” is one of the nine things that you can do on Valentine, then I would like to say:

“Gotchaaa . . .” #lol

Oh Come On Bro!!!!

Valentine’s Day is too beautiful to be celebrated just only by making love!

I believe everybody loves Valentine. It’s a day which gives us a chance to show a tender love and a warm care. A day which you can share your happiness with your partner or even your friend.

“Should I care for V-Day?”

It’s up to you whether you want to celebrate it or not! No pressure at all. However, I would like to join with those who will celebrate this special day!

Even I am single, it doesn’t mean I have to be alone. Perhaps, I can meet someone special too on this special day!

“Desperately To Hope” mode ON!


LOVE On Valentine

Talking about this abstract thing, sometimes it could make us so crazy! I do believe that LOVE is Good & Romantic but I still believe LOVE is BAD & CRUEL as well!

Maybe we have to try to make it BALANCE, so we will know how to control LOVE in order to LOVE ourselves!

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9 Things To Do!

So, what should we do in order to celebrate this V-Day for her?

Let’s Check it out!


1. Rose

She likes Rose and even crazy of Roses, so don’t forget to let her lips shine bright with the petal of this flower. Don’t listen to her if she told you she likes Jasmine or Lily or “Green Grass”!

She is a tricky yet expert LIAR!

This is the reason why the term of “Drama Queen” showed up at the society


2. Chocolate

I had ever asked one of my senior high school friends,

“Why do you like to be given a chocolate on V-Day?”

She answered me steadily:

“because I like the Chocolate Exotic Asian Man!”

Hmmmm…. Is that me???


3. Doll

Do you still remember the song of Barbie Girl by AQUA?

“. . .I’m a Barbie Girl in the Barbie World . . .”

“. . . Life in plastic, it’s fantastic! . . .”

To make your V-Day more special, maybe you can give her a friend of “The Cool Chucky”.


4. Cake

They like sweets, and they will be happy to have a cake with one spoon and sit together next to you and of course holding your hand even chewing the burnt chocolate cake!


5. Movie

Aha . . . I know you will love this one, Bro!!

The “50 Shades Darker” will make a DARKER V-Day for you! Don’t miss to PUT A SPELL ON HER at your favourite cinema in February 14, 2017!


6. Travel Trip

If you have extra budget, it will be great if you can spend your Valentine at a romantic place such as Bangkok! I can help you to set the Valentine Package!

For sure, you will be enjoying your Perfect Valentine Trip!

Click on my name to get my Contact Number >  Freddy Gunawan


7. Romantic Dinner

Just like I have told you before. If you have extra budget , just click on my name > Freddy Gunawan

I will arrange a Romantic Dinner for you!


8. Club

Hey Bro!! It is once in a year! I think by going to the Club is okay then!

STRICTLY ONLY FOR 18+ Bro(s) & Sis(s)

I can include this package too on your V-Day package!


9. Home

Well Bro! This is the most pathetic part!

Even you have the money to buy my package but you love to be SINGLE, then I would recommend you to stay at home with your lovely dog and take a selfie.

Cause he needs its Valentine’s Day too!


Happy Valentine!!

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8 thoughts on “9 Things To Do On Valentine!

  1. bagaimana melewati hari valentine jikalau belum memiliki pacar ? dan di home juga tidak ada yang bisa menemani ? hahaha

    1. Hi Jessica Novia!
      Kita senasib!

      Your Diamonds Sincerely,

    1. Hi Dewin!
      Mungkin pada saat Valentine, mereka (wanita) lebih suka mengkonsumsi coklat untuk menenangkan pikiran akibat terlalu lama ngejomblo.
      Sehingga penjualan produk coklat meningkat.

      Your Diamonds Sincerely,

  2. Wow keren banget ide nya. Boleh banget dicoba!! Tapi kenapa ada boneka chucky nya ya? Anyway coklat, romantic dinner, roses memang bikin suasana makin romantis.. ^^

    1. Hi Vina!
      Saya masih percaya ada “WANITA GOTIK” yang ekstrem dan senang dengan hal serem di dunia ini!
      Jadi kenapa tidak untuk Boneka Seram seperti “The Cool Chucky”

      “coklat, romantic dinner, roses” sepertinya kamu WANITA ROMANTIS yah!!

      Your Diamonds Sincerely,

  3. Bwahahaha xD

    The profit of being single in Valentine’s day is… You can get 20-30% discount for chocolates. Sweets = happiness, so there’s that wkwk

    1. Hi Suikalova!!
      hahahahahaha . . .
      Still I have to recommend you to go for a Travel Trip on this coming V-Day!

      Your Diamonds Sincerely,


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