Should I Please You??!! La La La


Absurd Content of Rebellion


Who are you??!!

Hush !! Don’t speak because I hate to hear your voice!

Shut up !! Don’t mumbling next to me because I don’t like!

and the most important is when you spit your venom!

Just keep it shut !!

I hate it

Probably, we might see a lot of people like this and we will suddenly wondering a question!

Is it normal to act like that??

Why not???

Everybody has the right to not please everyone.

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What are you??!!

When you hiss and preach I do really hate it!

About your new messiah ’cause your theories catch fire!

Do I care?

I can’t find your silver lining!

It’s not my fault!

I don’t mean to judge!

But you let me judge you though!

You know what? When you read your speech, it’s really tiring!

Enough is enough !!


Am I A Kid?

I’m covering my ears like a kid.

When your words mean nothing then I go la la la.

Somehow, it is right to have this kind of understanding that will make people think that we are more important than them!

Why should I listen and do all the stuffs that you want me to do for my best?

I do agree that meeting these type of people might make us feel so annoyed, sometimes!

Should we go away from them?

I think No! Why??

Because they have not gotten the chance to know us better! Once they can know us better, they will not act like that!

Just like the idiom of “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

I am sure they have no idea at all what is going on inside the book!

However, folks will only want to do the quick scan and left the truly important message of the things that might be more valuable than just a trending.

“I’m turning up the volume when you speak because if my heart can’t stop it, I’ll find a way to block it, I go”



It’s pity and stupid just like the KID.

A kid that being left by his trending and finally the trends that he made left him alone to face his own reality that might be good for his own future rather than to follow the trends that will please him for a moment.

But this the point of view from the kid’s own reality. What about the point of view from the kid, himself?

It’s good or bad? Who knows?

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A Song From Sam Smith

Naughty Boy – la la la


Should I please you??


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