A Lesson From Shallot To Humanity!


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It might be a reason why we should learn a lesson. A lesson that will make us think twice in order to have the decision to be acted as a good actor/actress. Some people might think they are useless and have nothing to be dealt with and I agree with that, then would like to say “How pity you are to have that such of thinking! You are not deserve for anything then!”

Rude?? Oh no, I don’t think so! For we have to become an optimist people to face this cunning world because it has something to be proud with when you have succeed to cheat this cunning world. Moreover, it reminds me to my favourite movie that I think always become my inspiration on how to compete well with my own skill. “Hunger Game” in which Ms. Everdeen should play her destiny to “kill”, “compete”, and “survive”.


Never try to have it in denotation meaning upon my writing because I am not trying to brainstorm you that “killing” is good.


It is good to have this word in denotation meaning upon this content, because I will let you know how important it is to be used in this cunning world.


Since we are living in this cunning world, never try to neglect this term unless you think you have something to back you up!



Why must shallot?

In my opinion, shallot is not only an ingredient that will be useful for the chefs to create such a good food but also a good object to be used in order to bring us the humanity sense by using those three keywords that mentioned above. How could it be?

People might be thinking that the shallot which has such unpleasant outter skin will have such a bad quality as well. Can we blame those people? No we can’t unless we have a good back up from a powerful people.

A nightmare if we don’t have any? Not at all.

As long as we have the integrity and confidence on how something will be done by us, I think we will have the chance to conquer those people who have this mindset. I do believe in it!

We have to admit that shallot is not only made by the outter skin. Shallot consists of several layers with different juicy level. The deepest layer of course will become the less juicy one, but it has the strongest odour that will make us cry! So what does it mean? Nothing more than just wanted to remind all of us that we have something even strongest than the outter look that being neglected by the others!


Should I care of it! I am pessimistic!

Yes!! You should care of it because you have to know there are two types of pessimistic as well, the true pessimistic and the fake pessimistic. What is the difference? It is easy to differentiate the two of them literally. Anyway, it doesn’t matter whether you are the true or the fake. Make sure that you are the one who will “kill”, “compete”, and “survive” for you have your own life, and you have the responsibility to take a good care of your life by using these three layers.



I love to talk about humanity for it has a lot of absurd things which might be so interesting to discuss! I, personally, do love to talk about human who has a vision, a mission, and the most important is the one who has a principle to lead their life. Full of passions should become one criteria that must be had by a good human. Should they be a kind human too? Not really! Because when you can learn well from the passionate people, you will see directly on how they do for their own life.

Some might use bad tricks BUT some might use good tricks. Depends on the human that you wanted to observe. We must to understand well about one thing that becoming the hidden treasure in the Chinese philosophy of “Yin and Yang”.

No matter how bad it is, there will be a good side inside it.

No matter how good it is, there will be a bad side inside it.

It’s good or bad? Who knows? It will come back again to the subject that will do the observation. Will not be able to judge correctly on how the human works but will judge correctly if human will do the good things to achieve their goals and pursuit their own happiness unless they are involving in “Black World”.

Literally, humanity is the product which made by human after engaging themselves with the humans around them and finally will bring them to a deal on how to become a human! A human that really being respected even not like a King or Queen.



So how does the deal work? How it could give the impact? How it can be implemented?

A lot of questions in the brain, isn’t it? Anyway the answer is quite simple. It is only “be yourself”. Yes!! This is the answer! When you are open to yourself and receive every single things of yours then let it be just like the way you are!

Try to understand the lyric from this awesome song of Alessia Cara to humanize yourself on your point of view first because your are not a mannequin that need someone to change your style on how you will be shown to the public. You have to create your own style and love the whole you no matter what!

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Alessia Cara – Scars To Your Beautiful


So how does the deal work?

Is it matter again when you have received and accepted the whole you? I don’t think so. You have created your own empire and you will rule it! No one else! It is true that “no better you than the you that you are”! Forget the deal then! It only gives you nothing at all!

How it could give the impact?

Is it a big deal again about the impact of being yourself when you throw all loves to yourself and make yourself proud to be a human by stating “I realized now that I am a human and I control my humanization”? Hey! Never pretend not to understand “no better life than the life you’re living”

How it can be implemented?

Just love yourself! And remember well even sculptors can’t sculpt well their own image. Trust ME! “no better time for your shine, you’re a star”, aren’t YAAA??



“But there’s a hope that’s waiting for you in the dark”

This the best part of the lyric that I like the most just like the shallot which has its own strongest part that NOT YET shining up! Laying down at the core silently and waiting for the right time to show up.

“You should know you’re beautiful just the way you are and you don’t have to change a thing”

Just wait for the momentum and be a real human! The most gorgeous one with the best accessories of attitude and integrity to “kill”, “compete” and “survive” with honours.

To”kill” the negative thinking towards yourself and start to make over yourself in order to “compete” with the others because you deserve to become a survival who will be awarded with tons of glories.

Make sure you will not forget to share on how to “kill”, “compete” and “survive” to the others that need helps before they are falling too far as well. Guide them and let them shine bright just like the diamonds.


Be A Shallot!

Keep the best inside and let them cry when you are ready to take off your rotten part! Your scars to your beautiful always.

Your Diamonds Sincerely,


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2 thoughts on “A Lesson From Shallot To Humanity!

  1. Shallot.. Reminds me with shrek (he’s survivor too)

    I believe in “be your best self” nobody’s perfect so that’s okay that you are weak on some things. Just do your best on anything you’re interested in. Imo, we need to change to get better. (Peace, I’m just ordinary human with so-so IPK)


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