How to Trick Your Short Vacation Day!


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On this article, I would like to share about some tricks on how to enjoy your short vacation during May Day!


What is May Day?

For me, it is a public holiday in which I can spend my time more to treat myself better. No matter what! I need a space to have my quality time to refresh every single things that owned by me to enjoy this life.

I do believe you will agree on this silly opinion. However, you might have to be able to handle your days wisely as well.


How To?

1. Do Travelling.

Travelling is one of the answer that we should try in order to refresh ourselves after the tiring working life from Monday to Friday. There will be a question about what should folks choose for the travelling by considering the budget. Should folks enjoy the high cost travelling or the low cost travelling?

Actually, it depends on the folks whether they want to choose the high cost travelling in order to grant something better for themselves or the low cost travelling to grant something more interesting for themselves.

Just do it!

If you think you can afford it, then go for the high cost traveling, but if you think you can not afford it this time, then go for the low cost travelling.

Spoil yourselves!!

You deserve to enjoy this beautiful life with your own way. No need to listen the others for they are nobody and have no right to control your happiness!


You have to listen to me to get your room by saving up to 75%! How??

Scroll down till the end of this post and you will see it for sure!

According to some researches, the one who does travelling a lot had a longer life and better health as well than the one who does spend nothing on travelling.

Are you still hanging on there and reading this article? Come on!! Grab your luggage now!

HEY! Wait!!

While you are packing your stuffs, play this video as well, so you will know well how beautiful this world is!


Oh no Freddy, I love Bali – Indonesia, but I do really don’t have any budget to do it!

No worries Buddies! Let’s try the second trick!


2. Hang Out at Local Super Mall with Friends

#lol No Offence!

I love to do this also . . .

It is considered as a short escape too but you have to make sure you will not be enjoying your favourite places this time. Try the new one though! and get the experience!

Just get yourself the best quality time!

Choose the place and start your party! Sometimes, you might meet a new and gorgeous friends as long as you are not the conservative one. If you are none of them, I bet you will enjoy the diversity on this world.

But Freddy I am so introvert. #hmmm

Perhaps, you have to watch this video to give you an inspiration.

Just welcome for all of them.

Make your day better than before by having them, your friends and your new friends!

Oh No Freddy!! I don’t like crowded! I want to find my serenity at the silent place!

Aha ! I see now! Then go to cemetery! #lol #kidding

Let’s try the third trick.


3. Cooking.

Cooking has been becoming such a great changing lifestyle for the urban citizens. When you can cook for yourself, that is the point/momentum at the real point on how much you love yourself.

How could it be?

Starting for the ingredients till presentation, it will give a score to value you, yourself, on how much you really respect yourself.

Let’s imagine

how to trick your short vacation day

If you want to eat Salmon Steak for example, you might have your own score already when you picked the C grade Salmon for your own consumption. You will also have your on score already when you present your salmon steak without any decorations before you will have to eat them.

From this simple things, I think you have already known what my point is about on this stage.

Anyway, Freddy I do not know how to cook, so I think I can’t give any scores on how much I love myself.

If you can’t cook then you can order your room now! and let the chef do for you. Meanwhile you will be having not only the signature dishes but will be offered by a lot of services and facilities upon your check in. It will be totally different from your 5-Stars Cafe ordering.

Still, it needs money.

However, you can save up to 75% if you really want to know your own score on how you treat yourself.

So, check the room now and enjoy your luxury fine dining!

Scroll down!!

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