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Do Good, Avoid Evil, and Pure Your Mind!

It is no longer uttered by Buddha, but it has been repeated million times by the wise. However, sometime we might lost its pure essence to do those three things that will bring a joy and happiness spiritually to us.


Wat Yannava

A must visit temple when you are travelling to Bangkok – Thailand. This is one of the temple that can become a place to do meditation and spread the Metta (Loving Kindness) as well.

A man without Metta is just like a Zombie. They are exist but they are all heartless.

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The unique design of Thai’s Architecture will hypnotize you after your arrival. This temple will let you feel the the ancient Power of Buddhism that you might have no idea on how sacred it is!

Monks as one of the triple gems will be seen easily at this temple. It will give us a chance to cultivate good deeds according to Buddha’s teaching.

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Holy Relic of the wise will encouraged us to pay attention on Sila, Samadhi, and Panna. The relics will become the witness on what we are doing and what we will be doing in our life.

It is also believed that only the wise will leave us these holy relic stones.

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It is being worship to embody the good deeds to remind us on how the good deeds will lead us to Nibbana. Sounds a little bit creepy but it is a believe among the Buddhists.

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How can we go?

Wat Yannava is located at the Sathorn district of Bangkok on Charoen Krung road. It is quite near with BTS Saphan Taksin and can be reached easily by walking from BTS Skytrain Station.

It is a temple that should be visited in order to feel the magic atmosphere that will give us the chance to know what Buddhism is!

No need to pay for the ticket entrance because it is not an amusement park but a place to do worship. This temple is opened from 8 am until 6 pm everyday.

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One thing that we have to do at this temple is releasing the fish in order to cultivate a good deed. It’s believed that there will be a luck come to us if we did it without any negative thinking.

So many kind of sentient beings that can be released such as fish, turtle, eel, snail or even we could feed the fish as well.

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Make sure you will step your feet and have a time to feel the different atmosphere at this temple.

Have a good day!

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