Yay!! Friendship Will Never Die!


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It has been a year to live in Thailand and study the Digital Marketing world with awesome team. Never imagine I would have my footprint in digital marketing world through this blog.

It is a young Lifestyle & Travel blog that perhaps might give such an useful information for those who need it.


Settle Down in Thailand

The journey was started on July 11th, 2017. It was begun by wearing the weird formal suit to know the casual and fun team at Priceza.

Oh yeahh… We are digital…

What is Suits and Shoes?? We love T-Shirts and Sneakers

Many things happen through this year and finally we have to encounter this day. The day to say “See You Again”. I do really appreciate all the efforts to shape me into a non-amateur digital marketer.

This appreciation is dedicated especially to these awesome C-Level that never give a high tone even I did a mistake instead of proper guidance on how to manage something well.


Then it goes to this creepy creature as my Head who can read mind (I think). #lol

She, P’Nit, is the funny yet cool Head ever in my entire working life. Her awesome motherhood skill to manage the “babies” here should be grade “A”.

A wonder woman??? Maybe!


The learning curve might still in a super high bounce rate and the layer of the onion is still at the epidermis layer. Anyway, I am really thankful for your guidance and encouragement to let me slice the onion steadily.


Awesome Team

This the part that I am waiting for! Let’s meet the awesome team that I have been collaborated with!



She is a very strict teacher and will drive you the best result. The one who teach me to be creative in doing the Facebook Ads. However, her strict teaching finally give me a knowledge on how the Facebook Ads will work to build and manage the brand well! Kob Khun Krab P’heung.



P’Zine is the elderly that shared her knowledge towards me to give the best result in presenting the Offline to Online activity. A charming lady with super fun characteristic!



He is the one who I collaborated with in doing the Press Conference by involving the biggest medias in Indonesia. Oh yes! He is a game lover!



He is Indonesian and he is the one who taught me on how to write and became an editor. He is a movie lover though! You will have his comments on every single trending movies that played at Cinema 21.



This is the spontaneous one. She loves yoga and always eat healthy foods. Sometimes, her lifestyle would let people laugh at her but actually we should be ashamed with ourselves for not taking care of ourselves as well as she does to herself.



This lady is an “ant”. A very diligent lady and multitasking co-partner. She does writing, designing, and also trying to disavow my blog’s links but she has never succeed. #lol



She is my Adobe teacher. Always smile and never sad. The word that she always say to me is: “Alllaaaaai Freddyy????”



He is the shy guy but when he smiles to you, I guarantee that you will smile back to him. He is the Guru of video editing.



She is the queen of e-mail. I suggest you for not trying your best efforts to conquer her e-mail kingdom or she will curse you with her powerful magic!



I called her Mommy Jeab. She is the Master of Design. A young mommy with one little son that always feel cold and turn off the air conditioner. #lol



She is the princess of Ads. She always bids the pennies to reach the best performance for the company and always bother me to translate the CTA wording. Say no more translation to you… #lol


Nong Ziine

She is the co-partner of P’Pik. A Japan Maniac. She loves to travel. Perhaps you can make appointment with her to spend your holiday one day.


Nong Wan

A new comer and she is doing the design very well! She is charming as well.


Nong Noon

The beauty expert! She love about fashion and cosmetics. She has a great passion in design as well.


Mr. Kunapas Thongpiam

Who is this guy? He is the Bad As*. He loves to sleep but work very hard. He is the Master of Data and you will never win to beat him in doing the data analysis!


Mrs. Vina

This is the madam that always become my partner in crime. The queen of Gossip. #lol


Farewell Party

Thank you very much for the farewell party. Please remember this is not the end.

I do believe in “The Wheel of Karma”.

So keep in touch my awesome Marketing Team! Thank you for the farewell party.

yay friendship will never die 4

yay friendship will never die 5

yay friendship will never die 6

yay friendship will never die 7

yay friendship will never die 8

yay friendship will never die 9

yay friendship will never die 10


And this is the boy band of the Marketing Team. . . #lol

yay friendship will never die 2


Make sure you will have no meeting to be attended tomorrow Friday, June 30, 2017 for we will have these White and Red Wine to Party na Krab . . .

yay friendship will never die 1


Wait Freddy!!!!



It remains secret just like the poem of Emily Dickinsons “I Am Nobody”.


Perhaps, they will answer it through the comment’s column below.


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They are my first fantastic digital team.


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7 thoughts on “Yay!! Friendship Will Never Die!

  1. Aaah you don’t remember the moment with Priceza ID team? hahahaha

    Aah I was planning to TH soon to see concerts, meet you and other team. why you gooooo huhuhu

    Nice to meet you, Uncle Fredd!
    Keep in touch and see you again 😊😊

    1. Hi Titaz.

      Rule Number 01 as a blogger.
      Don’t write all the memories into a page.
      Split them into several pages to build the relevant links.
      See you at the next page…

      Your Diamonds Sincerely,

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