Dili is The City that You Should Go!


Dili is The Country that You Should Go! 7

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Dili – East Timor

As a young country, Dili has been considered as the most significant economics growth country in ASEAN. “New and Fresh” with its various nature potentials and cultures. Development is everywhere to bring this fabulous country to be a modern country! Still, it needs a process to achieve the target to give a chance for it to be able to compete with other ASEAN countries.


Arriving at Dili

This is the first post of mine in Timor Leste or also known as East Timor. Upon my arrival after two years, I was amazed by the development. Super Intense! Never thought this country could make such a huge progress like the current situation!

Anyway, I think I am positioning myself just like a politician just now! Argghhhh…

Let’s see what I found at Dili.


Dinner at Ropita.

Ropita is a Javanese restaurant. Javanese??? Is it selling Indonesian Foods?? Yeahhhh!!! It is.

The world has known that Indonesia and East Timor has a special relation according to the History of Indonesia’s Independence. This restaurant could maybe will bring a homie atmosphere for the Indonesian Expat just like me. The menu are gorgeous and the price is reasonable.

A little bit disappointed on the beverages that this restaurant doesn’t serve any alcohol especially HEINEKEN. It is a prestige when you can have HEINEKEN with your ordered menu.

And yeah… They allow us to have HEINEKEN for this little party.

Somehow, I do believe when we give a smile to someone, someone will accordingly smile back to us.

Keep smiling . . . and drink responsibly

Dili is The Country that You Should Go! 4


Enjoy The Food

Mie Ayam Bakso

Dili is The Country that You Should Go! 5

This is truly Indonesia… #lol This menu is awesome with its Indonesian’s Spices. I love the Chicken’s Meat, and Meat Balls. But I don’t like the type of the noodle. The noodle is too big. If they can serve the noodle with the thin size one, I think it will be perfect.


Nasi Ayam Penyet + Lalapan

Dili is The Country that You Should Go! 1

This Nasi Ayam Penyet is definitely yummy and crunchy just like where it comes from. The chicken is so crispy and some of the other parts are so tender. The perfect combination between the Tahu and Tempe is extremely will make you to order for the second time.


Sop Iga + Nasi Putih

Dili is The Country that You Should Go! 6

This menu is the beef’s ribs menu with carrots and potatoes. The soup is enriched by the delicious flavour that will make us feel the authentic of Indonesian Foods, definitely.


Mie Goreng Seafood

Dili is The Country that You Should Go! 2

Mie Goreng should become the most popular one among Indonesian. When we can serve Mie Goreng with other ingredients just like seafood maybe, then it will become the best Mie Goreng ever accordingly with the best cooking skill.


Roti Bakar + Keju

Dili is The Country that You Should Go! 3

A cheese toast is the best dessert that will become the perfect one to close the main courses.


Curious about Dili??

Let’s explore

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16 thoughts on “Dili is The City that You Should Go!

  1. Kemudian aku teringat lagu, “Januari di Kota Dili” 😀
    Masakannya tak jauh beda dengan di Indonesia hehe ya iyalah msh saudara 😀

    1. Hi Deddy Huang

      Dari Thailand ke Dili lumayan jauh. Untuk Jam Penerbangan tergantung dari maskapainya.

      Disini pakai USD 🙂

      Come and explore at this awesome country though!

      Your Diamonds Sincerely,

  2. Dili salah satu kota yang selalu ingin ku kunjungi. Kalau lihat foto2nya, kota ini cantik sekali

    Btw makanannya rasa Indonesia banget ya hahahaha


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