Dili Night Market 2017 – Enjoy the Modern Dili


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Can we enjoy Dili with its local and traditional cultures and mix it up with the modern culture?

The answer is “Absolutely”


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Dili Night Market

The annual event that took place at Timor Plaza consider as an exclusive event that gathered all the communities and laughs to cheer up the young night in East Timor.

The clear black night with sparkling stars have made the night become so gorgeous to be missed upon the fabulous music and performances.

It is a market which simply known as one stop event that will spoil all the visitors especially the tourists.

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The stage is exactly was set in front of this building (Platinum Cineplex) – the best theater in East Timor to catch up the latest movies.

I did see something cold that will cost us only $1. It is nice to try though!

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Handicraft Corner

Identity of a nation always being represented through the human’s products that will let the world known about the authentic of cultural heritages.

A lot of handicrafts were being displayed at this event and mostly all of them have their own story to be told.

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Food Corner

An event without foods is absolutely a big nightmare. That is the reason why we will find out some interesting corners that will satisfy our hunger.

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Beers and Wines

Yeah… I, personally, love this country and feel the warm welcome from this country. For your information, we will have a lot of chance to see Beers and Wines that come from other parts of East Timor.

We could find a lot of Wines and Beers variety. But somehow the GREEN might become the best one ever.

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As an open country, East Timor is ready to welcome you with its diversity in Race, Nationality, Gender, and many more.

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Make sure you will find out all the laughs here only in East Timor.

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Local Band Performance

If you are a music lover, then you will have no concern of the boredom that you have been overthinking.

This night market is equipped with some entertainments to shoot down your boredom easily.

“Stepping up your foot and move your body!”

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The last but not least, this event will be held until October 2017 every Thursday Night.


Still worry to have no party after arriving Dili?

Come on!! Let’s enjoy the Party!

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