Brand Penetration and Brand Traction


Banner Brand Penetration and Brand Traction

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To become the market leader, a brand should be triggered for its own strength that being set as an accumulative processes from the trade.

Whether it is a new product or refacing product, strategies for doing the penetration and traction should never be neglected.

Price Strategy is commonly used by a company to win the market.

But there is a question wondering: “is there still any other solutions or ways that can be applied to bring the brands to their highest level?”

A new born brand at the trade could probably take weeks or months to exist at the trade. Some of them might need years to ensure that their brands are the best among the favourite.




There is a slightly different meaning that we can get by having these two words “BEST” and “FAVOURITE”.

Consumers might tends to buy the favourite products rather than the products that being claimed as the best products or in the other way was claimed to become the World Class Brand.

There is no doubt to pay no attention to World Class Brand. Nevertheless, it also will damage the World’s Trigger if the selling of the products that being claimed as the World Class Brand is ZERO.

Ironically, the products that being claimed as the best products are somehow being crushed by the products that having no brand’s equity.

One of thousands aspects that can become the reason is the subjective determination – FAVOURITE.

Is it the end of the industry?

Of course not.

Shall we invest to Sales Team Intensively?

This could be the alternative question that can become the consideration.

Agree to say that Sales Team could be one of the answer to defeat the pessimistic issue that raised by the trade for the situation of Market Preference.


Sales Team & Marketing Team

Becoming the eye of the arrow, the Sales Team will play their part aggressively to do the penetration.

Heat and Cold will never bother them to achieve the goal with a clear direction. The spirit that being bombed by commission payment for achieving their own target will accordingly help.

Could it be just the Sales Team?

Then the answer of course is BIG NO because it will need the help from the creative team who will conduct some extraordinary events at the trade to help the Sales Team.

Becoming the fur of the arrow, the Marketing Team will play their part elegantly to do the traction through the space between the archer and the target.

It is supposed to be clear that Brand Penetration and Brand Traction should go in one way which is well noted by all marketers.


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